User Training - AlveoPC - Basic 

Part Number:  PT-Academy-006

This is a basic training course about the AlveoPC equipment. It is intended for AlveoPC users interested in better management of their device and results. Among other topics, it communicates information such as how to install your AlveoPC, how to perform an AlveoPC test, and how to properly maintain your equipment. 


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This course includes the following material, as well as downloadable presentations and checklists:
1. INTRODUCTION - Basics of Cereal Chemistry & Alveograph Introduction (6 modules)
2. BEFORE INSTALLATION - Order to Shipment Procedure & Facility Requirements (2 modules)
3. INSTALLATION - Video Instruction & Checklists (5 modules)
4. ANALYZE A SAMPLE - Video Instruction & Downloads (14 modules)                                                  
5. CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE - Cleaning Instructions & Basic Maintenance (5 modules)
6. RESULTS & TESTING - Checking Results, Video Instruction & Checklist (5 modules)

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