Has this ever happened to you: You have begun a new batch for your baked product, followed all the steps of your recipe down to the finest detail, only to find that your dough is excessively sticky after mixing, shaping, or proofing?

Even if all your production processes are optimized, there is still one variable in flour quality that can offset your efforts: an imbalance in starch damage.

In this webinar, our flour & dough quality specialists will guide you on: 

  • How starch damage directly influences dough stickiness, cracked or inconsistent final products, color inconsistencies, and other negative impacts.
  • How to use the CHOPIN Technologies SDmatic – a simple, precise, and internationally-recognized standard to verify starch damage in just 10 minutes.
  • How to develop protocols with the SDmatic to predict and control end-product quality.

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What's Sticky Dough, Cracked Product and Other Quality Challenges?

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عربي / 30 يونيو 2022
Русский / 1 июля 2022


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