How are you controlling the dough-shaping process in your baking operation? 

Dough shaping significantly affects the final product’s size and shape. Controlling the dough shaping process will ensure that the final product will fit into its packaging and meet consumer expectations for appearance.

However, aside from final product aesthetics, dough shaping also impacts the texture and structure of any baked product. 

In our next Baker & Miller Educational Webinar Series episode titled “Shaping: How to Master a Key Step in the Baking Process,” our flour and dough quality specialists will explain how bakers can apply analysis technologies to master the dough-shaping process. Register now to learn:

  • How to control excessive dough shrinking or expanding in the shaping process
  • How to anticipate the shape of the final product before production
  • How to obtain other dough property insights during shaping, and more!

This webinar will be presented in five different languages over separate sessions. Use the registration form on this page to save your seat!

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