Save Time and Hassle with SmartChem® Pro Software! 

SmartChem® Pro Software improves your daily work!

With a simple user interface, improved operations, support of multiple test plans in a single run, and an on-demand library of troubleshooting guides, you can easily work through your analyses with the software, quickly resolve issues when they arise, and reduce downtime.



 Want to Upgrade your SmartChem® Software or Purchase a New Instrument?

Pro software is now equipped on all new SmartChem® 210 and 450 instruments.

Already a user? SmartChem® 210 and 450 users can now upgrade to the new Pro Software package. The software will also be available on SmartChem 600® soon (fill the form to be notified). If you are not currently using SmartChem® and want to learn more about the series we look forward to speaking with you.

Click below to fill out the form. We will contact you about updating your software or discussing which SmartChem® model is right for your operations.  

Benefits of the New SmartChem® Pro Software 

In-app Multimedia Support Library for Troubleshooting 

 The “Need help?” section contains a detailed library of content, including video instruction and how-to documentation to solve many common issues that users may encounter.

This saves operators time, allowing them to quickly move on with testing and other procedures.

The media library is automatically updated upon a new startup if connected to the internet.

COPIE 2 NeedHelp_AutomaticMediaDownload


Improved Support Communication with Embedded Document and Media Player

A common challenge for support is identifying the root cause of an issue. If a user cannot find a solution among the guides provided by the software, a button at the bottom of the page called, “I can’t find a solution: generate a system help file” is available.

Clicking this button opens the System Help File page, allowing the user to generate a snapshot, which includes all the information needed for the support engineer to identify the problem. In addition, it is easy for the operator to also share an event log with a support engineer. These features allow issues to be resolved quicker so that operators can get back to their daily routines. 

COPIE Image1


Basic Operator View and Access

  • The menu is now available in two versions: the Operator View for daily routine functions and Advanced View for admins.


Onboard Independent Workplans

  • SmartChem® multiple onboard independent workplans allow the operator to run and report independent testing routines without the need to define complex programming.